Hello, adulthood. Nice to meet you.

Lately I’ve been a baking machine. There have been so many occasions where it was quite appropriate to bake something, and let’s face it—when isn’t it an appropriate time to bake something? Boyfriend moves into a new apartment? Scones! Dad turns half-way-to-110? Granola! Friend’s birthday? Lemon Whoopie Pies with blueberry cream filling! And the list goes on…

So with all this baking and sharing, I realized that people are enjoying all of these treats, and I’m loving making them. With those two factors in mind, I decided to host a brunch.

I feel like a real adult now that I’ve successfully accomplished a brunch party. Before I was just an attendee. Of course I would bring my little contribution, but now, now I’m a host! And let me tell you—it was inspiring. I will most definitely be doing it again. In like, 4 months…or 6… maybe a year. Well, at some point during the continuation of my adulthood. It’s a lot of work, ok?

Anyway, during my instant rise to adulthood I discovered how host a brunch and still be able to sleep until a decent hour: make everything ahead of time. I got a bunch of tips from my favorite blog, Smitten Kitchen, which you can find here, in case anyone reading this cares about that kinda thing.

If not, stay tuned. The recipes are up next.


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