Whole Wheat Herb Foccacia

Hello from Pieland! 21 pies down, 3 more to go (for a post-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving). Yep, the number increased again to make the final count an even 24.

The other day my brother took me to Whole Foods to buy all of the ingredients for my pies. I calculated everything out exactly to avoid over/under buying anything, so my list looked ridiculous with a bunch of crazy calculations on it. As I was shopping around, I couldn’t find the baking aisle. I asked a man that worked there if he could steer me in the right direction, and he asked what I’m baking. “Uh, 17 pies…” I responded and giggled nervously. “Oh! Well how much flour do you need?”. I look at my list. “Approximately 24.5 cups.” After a bit more calculating, we figured out that I would spend almost $35.00 on individual bags of flour, until he suggested another idea: I could buy a 50 lb. bag of flour from him for $20.00. That’s more than double for almost half the price. Seriously? Deal.
I love when things like that happen. It just goes to show that people will surprise you, and are often much more willing to help than you’d think — you just need to talk to them first.

Pie-romania and My 15 Minutes of Fame

I’ve been meaning to post all week, but have not found any time to bake the loaf of homemade foccacia that I’ve been craving. It’s probably because I am preparing to make 17 pies (and counting) for Thanksgiving! I am so excited to have the opportunity to bake for so many friends and family and share some great recipes I’ve found as well as my own. This hasn’t given me much time to work on other baking projects, but when the waterfall of pie posts come in post-Thanksgiving it will be worth it. I promise.

Also, my friend Matt works for a cooking blog called FaveDiets.com and offered to feature me on the website as a guest blogger. So far I’ve submitted 3 recipes and a how-to about egg replacements in baking, and I even got a blurb about myself on their “Featured Foodies” page. Here are the links if you’re interested in checking them out. There’s also a Jam Pie recipe in the works to send to him as well.

Featured Foodies – Gillian McLennan

Healthy Moist Cornbread

How to Replace Eggs with Fruit in Baking

Perfect Pie Dough

I also have a new rendition of the cornbread muffins recipe made from scratch that I hope to share with you soon! Same with the foccacia. Stay tuned.

Chocolate Hazelnut Shortbread Cookies

Your first impression of these cookies is probably like most everyone that saw them in real life: “Why are they shaped like hatchets, you creep?”. Well, on the day that I made them I thought it would be more obvious, being that it was Halloween and all. Hatchets are scary! Halloween is scary! It totally makes sense. Plus, it was a perfect opportunity for me to use one of the awesome cookie cutters my friend Natalie got me for Christmas last year.

Still, no one got it, making me look like a total weirdo. This isn’t uncommon, just a little unfortunate.

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Homemade Granola Bars

People are usually surprised when I admit that one of my favorite foods of all time is peanut butter. It took me 4 months to convince my Spanish roommates to try it, but once they did, they were immediately seduced by its magical powers. I’m usually a purist, though, when it comes to peanut butter. I eat a PB&J, have it with apple slices, or ants on a log as a snack, but that’s about it. As I’ve mentioned before, I like to make my own granola, and finally I found a recipe where I can combine the power of peanut butter and homemade granola.

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