Back in the swing of things…

Ah, the holidays are over. Finally we can all get back to our normal lives and pant sizes (unless you’re like me and have a plate of cookies in the freezer that you just broke into).


Not that I believe the holidays are all about the gifts, but I gotta say this year I really scored in the cookbooks department. I got books about bread, pastry, foraging, the Smitten Kitchen cookbook (!!!), and a little surprise gem sent across the country to me from my good friend Natalie. It’s called Home Made Winter by Yvette van Boven, a Dutch food stylist, illustrator, and culinary editor. If I ever were to write a cookbook, this is exactly what I would want it to be like. It’s full of not only hundreds of creative, resourceful, and simply delicious sounding recipes, but also is glittered with her own adorable illustrations as well as photographs of the lush Dutch landscape taken by someone named Oof Verschuren. It’s honestly a work of art. Well done, Natalie. And Yvette. And Oof. Well done.

Here are some photos from this lovely book. I’m off to the grocery store now to buy ingredients for a few things from it. Tonight for dinner there will be Split Pea Soup with Squash and Yogurt. And maybe some 3 minute sticky chocolate cake for dessert. Then I’ll be getting started on her recipe for homemade yogurt which I will hopefully eat for breakfast tomorrow. I’ll fill you i on that one next time.




Oh, and here are some pictures of things I’ve been making lately that I’ve failed to blog about. Dont’ be mad. Have some food porn!




baby cakes

Ok, great, now we’re all caught up!

See you soon–we’ll be talking yogurt. Oh, yes.


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